Springs Course Green Fees

With five sets of tees playing between 4,944 and 6,818 yards, this meticulously maintained par 72 course unfolds along the Columbia River and blends seamlessly into the landscape – combining dramatic golf shots with naturally beautiful views.
Green Fees
Apr & OctMay To Sep
9 Hole Rates
Midweek (Monday – Thursday)$49.22 + GST$63.13 + GST
Weekend (Friday – Sunday + Holidays)$62.06 + GST$74.90 + GST
After 5pm$50.29 + GST
18 Hole Rates
Midweek (Monday – Thursday)$85.60 + GST$103.79 + GST
Midweek Replay Rate$51.36 + GST$62.06 + GST
Weekend (Friday – Sunday + Holidays)$110.21 + GST$133.75 + GST
Weekend Replay Rate$66.34 + GST$80.25 + GST
Twilight Rates (After 2pm)
Midweek (Monday – Thursday)$59.92 + GST$80.25 + GST
Weekend (Friday – Sunday + Holidays)$85.60 + GST$110.21 + GST
Junior Rates (18 & Under) – 7 Days a Week
Juniors must be accompanied by a caregiver before 2:00pm Friday – Sunday
9 Holes$35.31 + GST$35.31 + GST
18 Holes (Monday – Thursday)$42.80 + GST$42.80 + GST
18 Holes (Friday – Sunday + Holidays)$57.78 + GST$57.78 + GST
Powercart Rates (per seat/per person)
9 Holes$13 + GST & PST
18 Holes$20 + GST & PST
Replay Rate$10 + GST & PST
Springs Hole 1

Favour the right side off the tee. Big hitters can cut the corner on the left. The downhill approach shot requires less club than the yardage calls for.

4 Par415 yds386 yds349 yds317 yds273 yds
Springs Hole 2

Accuracy is the key on this difficult hole with room for error on the right. Play to the 150 marker from the tee. Use an extra club on your approach to avoid the greenside bunkers.

4 Par400 yds370 yds348 yds313 yds252 yds
Springs Hole 3

A long straight tee shot is required on this slight dogleg to the right. Lay up short of the bunkers on your 2nd shot. Often reachable in two for longer hitters.

5 Par503 yds483 yds467 yds446 yds415 yds
Springs Hole 4

First of the Springs’ famous par 3s. Take enough club to avoid the large bunker short of the green. Centre of the green is always a good play.

3 Par185 yds154 yds134 yds116 yds90 yds
Springs Hole 5

A long tee shot down the left centre sets up a mid-iron approach to this slightly elevated green. Be careful of the large waste bunkers on the left.

4 Par446 yds431 yds403 yds380 yds342 yds
Springs Hole 6

Take enough club to avoid the deep bunker guarding the front of the green. Keep the ball short and left of the pin if possible to avoid downhill putts on this difficult two tiered green.

3 Par195 yds178 yds154 yds132 yds122 yds
Springs Hole 7

Accuracy is required to avoid the large waste bunkers flanking both sides of the fairway. Club selection is important to this long three tiered green.

4 Par386 yds360 yds339 yds314 yds300 yds
Springs Hole 8

Ideal tee shot is placed short of the pond leaving 130 yards to this very large green. Play safe here, 4 is always a good score. Be careful with back left pin placements.

4 Par355 yds336 yds323 yds304 yds280 yds
Springs Hole 9

This difficult par 5 requires both length and accuracy. Keep your 2nd shot short and left of the fairway bunkers setting up a mid iron approach to an undulating green.

5 Par550 yds516 yds484 yds460 yds422 yds
Springs Hole 10

Yardage is measured around the pond allowing longer hitters a chance to reach the green in two. If laying up, favour the right hand side with your 2nd shot.

5 Par501 yds480 yds460 yds430 yds400 yds
Springs Hole 11

Accuracy off the tee is important to avoid water on the right. Lay up off the tee with a mid to long iron setting up a short iron approach to a large green.

4 Par352 yds326 yds297 yds272 yds249 yds
Springs Hole 12

A straight tee shot is required to avoid the bunkers right and out of bounds left. Club selection is important on your approach to this very long green.

4 Par400 yds375 yds346 yds317 yds297 yds
Springs Hole 13

Favour the left side all the way up on this tricky Par 5. Don’t be long with your approach, the ball must be kept below the hole on this severely sloped green.

5 Par541 yds501 yds473 yds453 yds428 yds
Springs Hole 14

All carry from the tee on this difficult par 3. Club selection must be precise in attempting to carry the canyon while keeping the ball below the hole on this large, sloping green.

3 Par201 yds174 yds151 yds147 yds85 yds
Springs Hole 15

Longer hitters can cut the corner aiming for the large gap in the trees. Be mindful of players ahead as they may not be visible. Shorter hitters play straight out to the corner.

4 Par443 yds413 yds377 yds359 yds310 yds
Springs Hole 16

Tee shot should be played to the 150 yard marker avoiding the canyon on the left. Tough second shot to a long narrow green. Accuracy is crucial on the approach.

4 Par390 yds359 yds324 yds301 yds279 yds
Springs Hole 17

The last of the Springs’ famous par 3s requires precise distance control to this large but very shallow green. Don’t let the yardage fool you, 3 is a great score.

3 Par149 yds137 yds124 yds114 yds101 yds
Springs Hole 18

Tough finishing hole requires a well placed tee shot just right of the large fairway bunker. Play to the center of the green to avoid the numerous green side bunkers.

4 Par406 yds383 yds352 yds342 yds299 yds

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*Green fees do not include power cart.*