Radium Course Green Fees

You’ll be impressed by the enthralling vistas, exceptional course conditioning
and highly memorable elevated tee boxes at the Radium golf course.
This par 72 course is a beauty measuring up to 6,269 yards.
Each each hole has tees to accommodate golfers of all skill levels.
A Columbia Valley favourite since 1957.
Green Fees
Apr & OctMay To Sep
9 Hole Rates
Midweek (Monday – Thursday)$34.24 + GST$40.66 + GST
Weekend (Friday – Sunday + Holidays)$47.08 + GST$53.50 + GST
After 5pm everyday$40.66 + GST
18 Hole Rates
Midweek (Monday – Thursday)$53.50+ GST$61.20 + GST
Midweek Replay Rate$32.10 + GST$38.52 + GST
Weekend (Friday – Sunday + Holidays)$64.20 + GST$88.81 + GST
Weekend Replay Rate$38.50 + GST$53.50 + GST
Twilight Rates (After 2pm)
Midweek (Monday – Thursday)$38.25 + GST$51.36 + GST
Weekend (Friday – Sunday)$51.36 + GST$64.20 + GST
Junior Rates (18 & Under) – 7 Days a Week
Juniors must be accompanied by a caregiver before 2:00pm Friday – Sunday
9 Holes$21.40 + GST$21.40 + GST
18 Holes (Midweek)$42.80 + GST$42.80 + GST
18 Holes (Friday – Sunday + Holidays)$38.52 + GST$53.50 + GST
Powercart Rates (per seat/per person)
9 Holes$13 + GST & PST
18 Holes$20 + GST & PST
Replay Rate$10 + GST & PST
Radium Hole 1

This uphill starting hole requires a tee shot down the middle avoiding the O.B. left. Take an extra club on your approach and have your short game ready.

4 Par356 yds341 yds325 yds319 yds
Radium Hole 2

Enjoy the panoramic view on this driveable par 4. The green slopes from back to front requiring a precise touch on your approach. Don’t be long, there is a severe drop off behind the green.

4 Par270 yds267 yds263 yds259 yds
Radium Hole 3

Favour the left side from the tee in order to open up the green for your 2nd shot. The approach requires good distance control. Par is always a great score at the Radium golf course.

4 Par327 yds321 yds314 yds308 yds
Radium Hole 4

This tough Par 3 requires an extra club to reach the green. Try to leave your tee shot right of the hole to avoid rolling off this sloping green.

3 Par191 yds184 yds178 yds168 yds
Radium Hole 5

Beautiful downhill Par 4. Please be sure the group ahead is out of range before teeing off . Approach over water to this two tiered green requires excellent distance control.

4 Par360 yds356 yds351 yds346 yds
Radium Hole 6

Don’t let the yardage fool you here. Pick the right club to avoid the pond fronting this narrow elevated green. Par is an excellent score.

3 Par141 yds135 yds126 yds110 yds
Radium Hole 7

Short but tricky Par 5 should not be taken lightly as O.B. flanks both sides of the fairway. A drive down the left centre to the corner can set up a chance to reach in 2.

5 Par486 yds472 yds440 yds402 yds
Radium Hole 8

Favour the left side from the tee on this short Par 4. The open green will allow for an excellent birdie opportunity.

4 Par307 yds299 yds293 yds287 yds
Radium Hole 9

This long downhill, dogleg Par 4 requires a right to left tee shot. The approach requires less club than normal. Being long leaves a very difficult chip coming back.

4 Par409 yds402 yds397 yds392 yds
Radium Hole 10

Accuracy is the key all the way up on this short but very intimidating Par 4. An iron or fairway wood tee shot sets up an approach to a very small green.

4 Par339 yds327 yds318 yds310 yds
Radium Hole 11

An accurate iron or fairway wood tee shot is recommended in order to avoid the O.B. right and trees left. An excellent birdie opportunity.

4 Par319 yds312 yds302 yds279 yds
Radium Hole 12

This spectacular Par 3 requires precise distance control from the tee. The 100’ drop from tee to green requires one or two less clubs than usual. Bring your camera!!

3 Par185 yds167 yds148 yds141 yds
Radium Hole 13

A left to right tee shot is ideal as your ball  will kick to the left on this sloping fairway.  Take note of the yardage to the target pole to put your tee shot in the optimum position.

5 Par543 yds525 yds505 yds455 yds
Radium Hole 14

A solid tee shot on this scenic downhill par 4 leaves you with a good chance to hit your approach shot onto the green. Take note of where the flag is, the green measures 40 yards from front to back.

4 Par460 yds429 yds381 yds322 yds
Radium Hole 15

Club selection is key when hitting the downhill tee shot to this large green. Favor the left side and stay away from the bunker short and right of the green.

3 Par194 yds171 yds145 yds117 yds
Radium Hole 16

Accurate tee shot is required in order to avoid the O.B. right, setting up the approach to this elevated two-tier green. Favour the left side all the way.

4 Par387 yds378 yds368 yds352 yds
Radium Hole 17

Let the driver fly on this Par 5. Big hitters have a chance to reach in two but be careful, the fairway narrows tightly as you approach this sizeable green.

5 Par493 yds486 yds477 yds421 yds
Radium Hole 18

A left to right tee shot is ideal on this par 5, giving big hitters a chance to reach in two. Stay below the hole if you can on this tough multi-tiered green.

5 Par502 yds495 yds448 yds401 yds

*All discounts can only be applied on our premium rack rate and cannot be doubled up with other discounted rates*

*Green fees do not include power cart.*