Opening Day - May 1st

The Radium Golf Group will be opening
The Springs and Radium Courses for play Friday May 1st

Golf to Open... .How to Manage

With British Columbia being the only province in Canada where golf is allowed to be open, it is now more imperative than ever to ensure that we as operators and you as our guests are continuing to be vigilant and compliant with all Provincial Public Health Guidelines.  The health and well-being of our members, guests and employees is our top priority and we are following all directions and recommendations from the Federal Government and the British Columbia Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry.  In support of the COVID-19 precautions and the additional social distancing measures you will experience some changes to the way the game is played along with the services we will be able to offer.  We appreciate the understanding and discipline of everyone following the guidelines so we can keep everyone healthy, safe and playing golf.

Zero Touches, Zero Transfers – Zero Bogeys

The Radium Golf Group welcomes anyone and everyone to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Columbia Valley and our fantastic golf facilities.  We appreciate the need for people everywhere seeking recreation opportunities for their physical and mental well-being and ask that everyone please be mindful of the limited services Radium Hot Springs and the surrounding communities are able to provide.  If we are fortunate to have you visit us, we encourage everyone to arrive prepared as, to not cause undue hardships to any local service providers.

Social Distancing
We ask that everyone PLEASE, PLEASE, practice Social Distancing of at least 2 meters from all patrons and staff members.

Your Health – Our Health
If you feel any symptoms such as Cough, Headache, Fever or Difficulty Breathing “PLEASE STAY HOME”


Golf Shops

Currently are open from 8:30am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday for tee time bookings.  Tee times can also be booked online at at anytime.

May 1st:  The Springs Course and Radium Course Golf Shops hours of operation will be:

  • Open at 7:00am – first tee time 8:00am
  • Close by 9:00pm – last 18-hole booking at 4:00pm, last 9-hole booking at 6:00pm

Please refrain from arriving more than 25 minutes prior to your tee time and we ask that you please depart immediately following your round.

The Golf Shops will not pair any groups together that do not live in the same household unless specifically requested by the members of the group.

**Unfortunately, at this time we will be unable to provide bag drop service**

Springs F&B

Springs F&B will operate out of the clubhouse with access only from the front door entrance.
Hours of operation 8:00am – 6:00pm

  • 8:00am – 10:00am:  Breakfast sandwiches, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages
  • 10:00am – 6:00pm:  Sandwiches, hot dog/smokies, confectionary items, non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages.

Beverage Cart at The Springs:

On days when the beverage cart is on course, we ask that you please place orders from at least 2 meters distance.  Please do not crowd the Beverage Cart Attendant and allow our staff to safely deliver your purchases to your cart.  Payment by debit or credit utilizing the “tap” function will be the only accepted method of payment.

Radium F&B:

Radium F&B will operate out of Mulligans Halfway House

  • 9:00am – 5:00pm daily:  Sandwiches, hot dog/smokies, confectionary items, non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages (after 10:00am)

Food and Beverage Service:

There will be no sit-down options at either facility.  Elevations restaurant at The Springs access will be blocked as will access to the deck.  Restaurant and Palliser Room access at The Radium Course will be blocked and all outside tables will be removed from both facilities.

Condiment containers will be replaced with single serve packages and will be handed to the guest via a Food & Beverage Attendant wearing a rubber glove

Safe Operating Procedures

Our goal is to keep the golf course open and in order to do this we need to ensure our members, guests and staff are safe!  The following changes to our services will be instituted.


Players are asked to please make all reservations online and or by telephone. Person to person reservations on property are not permitted.

  • Springs Course: 250-347-6200
  • Radium Course:  250-347-6266

All players must have a tee time – unfortunately we are unable to accept walk-on tee times

Checking In

  1. Please prepay your playing fees by phone with a Flex Card or Credit Card – NO CASH TRANSACTIONS

Arrival to the Radium Golf Group Course (Springs or Radium)

  • Unfortunately at this time we will be unable to provide bag drop services.  At the Springs Course please park and a Guest Services Attendant will bring a golf cart or a push cart to your vehicle.  At the Radium Course please proceed to the golf course side of the clubhouse to pickup your golf cart or push cart.
  • A Guest Services Attendant will radio the Golf Shop to confirm the party is on site and the golf shop will ensure all guests have paid.
  • For those needing any additional items such as gloves, balls or clothing they will be permitted into the golf shop area (MAX limit ONE GROUP not exceeding Four Players at a time).
  • There will be no signatures required
  • There will be no receipts for transactions provided


During this time there will be ZERO HANDLING OF CASH by both The Radium Golf Group or any guest once onsite.  FLEX CARD, DEBIT CARD or CREDIT CARD will be the only form of payment accepted.  This will be in effect for Grab & Go purchases at The Springs Clubhouse and Mulligans Halfway House at The Radium Course.

For your Health and Safety

Golf Carts

While we are not a cart mandatory facility the majority of our guests do take Power Carts.  We will sanitize all touch points after every use:

  • Steering wheel
  • Cup holder
  • Seat bar
  • Roof handle
  • F/R button
  • Seats
  • Sweater basket
  • Windshield
  • Bag strap
  • Rain hood
  • Ball/club cleaner

We will not provide on golf carts:

  • Scorecard
  • Pencil
  • Tees
  • Sand & seed bottles
  • Coolers
  • Towels

We will wipe all staff touch points prior to providing the power cart to the guest:

  • Steering wheel
  • Seat
  • F/R button

Players who choose to walk will be provided a complimentary push cart that will be sanitized after each use and wiped down prior to handing to the guest.

Post round sanitization will utilize a pressure washer along with soap and disinfectant spray to heighten the cleanliness of the cart.

Stay Safe While Playing

Minimizing On-Course Touch Points

  • Circle of Friends “Gimmie Circle” of 3 feet is in effect
  • JUST NOODLE IT – Holes contain a blocker to ensure players do not reach into the hole
  • Sand Bunkers are maintained twice per week, please play “preferred lies” and smooth over any marks with your foot – no rakes will be on course
  • Please refrain from utilizing broken tees, please place your broken tees in the tee receptacle
  • Waste and Recycle receptacles are placed beside the 9th & 18th Greens, please dispose of any materials at those stations
  • There will be no sand and seed bottle holders or mixture pails on the par 3’s.
  • Players may request a scorecard and pencil from a Guest Service Attendant prior to teeing off.
  • Signage will be placed at each tee box reminding players of the “Covid” playing rules.
  • Signage will be affixed to each flagstick reminding players of the “Covid” putting rules.

Player Spacing

Tee Times at The Springs Course will remain at 10 minutes and 9 minutes at The Radium Course.  With instructions for groups to not tee off until all players in the group in front are on the putting surface.

Stay Safe While Practicing

Every other stall (at the Springs) and every other mat (at the Radium) practice facility will be made unavailable.  Signage will be placed in every closed practice stall at The Springs and mats will be removed at the Radium Course.

Range Balls at The Springs will be washed upon pickup from the turf with the operator using rubber gloves. There will be a disinfectant added to the cleaning solution to increase the cleanliness of the golf balls.

*Unfortunately, at this time we will be unable to provide practice balls at The Radium Course*

We have instituted a single use system for Practice Baskets.  A used practice basket container will be positioned on the Practice Tee Deck for the return of baskets.  The baskets will be sprayed with sanitizer and water then wiped prior to being made available to another guest.  There will be a clearly marked “sanitized” basket area where all sanitized baskets will be place ready for use.  Baskets will be stored inside overnight.

Hand sanitization station will be provided beside ball dispenser with signage for use prior to utilizing key pad.

Practice putting green holes will be filled with a pool noodle to limit the depth the golf ball can go in.  There will be NO REMOVING THE FLAGS.

Guests are highly discouraged from utilizing Practice Balls on the Practice Green

For your Comfort

Washrooms will be sanitized at regular intervals and there will be hand sanitizing stations installed in each washroom along with a sanitizing spray bottle and napkins for individual usage on surfaces.

Springs Course will have washrooms available on the 5th tee, the clubhouse and the 14th tee available.  Washrooms at the snack bar will remain closed.

Radium Course will have the washrooms available on the 4th/8th tee, the clubhouse and the 12th green available.  The washrooms on the 10th tee and the 17th green will remain closed.

Our Commitment, Your Commitment

The Radium Golf Group Commitments to:

  • Sanitize public surfaces and washrooms at regular intervals
  • Sanitize Power Carts and Push Carts before each use
  • Sanitize Practice Baskets and Practice Balls before each use
  • Provide Hand Sanitizer in public areas for your safety and protection
  • Will not pair any groups together

Our Guests Commit to:

  • Maintain a Social Distance of at least TWO METERS
  • Refrain from touching anything that is not absolutely necessary
  • Enjoying a great day by being kind to those they encounter

Social Distancing

We ask that everyone PLEASE, PLEASE, practice Social Distancing of at least 2 meters from all patrons and staff members.  If you require assistance please ask from the appropriate distance.

Your Health – Our Health

If you feel any symptoms such as Cough, Headache, Fever or Difficulty Breathing “PLEASE STAY HOME”

Our goal is to keep the golf course open and in order for this we need to ensure our members, guests and staff are safe.