Wildlife in Radium

Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Wilderness


Black Bear


Bighorn Sheep


Mountain Goat


Mule Deer


Bald Eagle



Wild animals need space. The safest way to view the animals is to remain in your car. If you are on foot, keep all wildlife at a 100m distance. Carry a set of binoculars to have a closer view of the animals.

Please don’t touch, feed or intimidate the wildlife. For the safety of your pets, please keep them leashed at all times.

Prime wildlife viewing times are dusk and dawn.

If you are planning to hike in the back country, carry bear spray and hike in groups if possible.

Bighorn Sheep are a common attraction in the Village of Radium Hot Springs and on the Springs course. Often you will see bald eagles soaring high above the cliffs of the Springs Course. If you see bears on the Springs or Radium course, please notify the golf shop immediately.